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We are passionately driven to lead the industry at three things - These are the filters by which we measure everything we do:

  1. *THE EXPERIENCE - Your new home is often the largest and most exciting project your family has ever undertaken. Without the right team by your side, the pressure to make so many important, yet unfamiliar decisions on a tight timeline and within your budget can quickly become overwhelming. We view the opportunity to be your partner and subject-matter expert in this experience as a tremendous honor. We take it personally to make sure that every step of your journey is an informed, savvy, and calm one, leading to both a sound financial investment and a new home you are absolutely in love with!

  1. *THE QUALITY - This one speaks for itself. As a former engineer, my team and I understand the importance of details. In addition to being the future epicenter of your family’s life,  your home is often the largest single investment you will ever make. We take it personally to make sure it is one that you hit out of the park! That’s why we set every expectation and measure every result, from conception to closing, by one simple standard: “What would I do if I were going to raise my family here?” Simple, but very effective.

  1. *THE VALUE - Our customers typically earn 5 figures in equity while building the home of their dreams! The fact of the matter is there are a lot of great builders capable of building a beautiful home. The real questions are, how long will it take, how much will it cost, and how many unexpected, unwanted twists, turns, stressful miscues, and near disasters will you have to endure in the process? Professional project management is simply one of the rarest skill sets in the home building industry. Often the homeowner is left to pick up the tab for all of the wasted motion and material that result from disorganization, miscommunication, and ineffective project management. That’s why we make delivering world-class project management such a priority! We see it as a golden opportunity to separate ourselves. An optimally executed build means we can afford to give you more features and higher finishes throughout your home at a lower cost! This is the secret sauce to Monterey’s signature custom build model. There is no better housewarming gift than walking through the front door of your new home and finding a huge chunk of new equity from a project delivered on time and on target waiting for you on your kitchen counter!

Signature Custom Homes

About Monterey 

Our customers are consistently earning tens of thousands of dollars in equity building their dream homes! We’ve pioneered an innovative custom construction model that allows you to build a home as custom and personalized as your own signature for 10%-15% below market value. For more info on our homes and our revolutionary custom build process, check out our custom construction overview - Monterey Custom Construction.pdf